Black Friday Kettlebell/Body Weight Circuit Workout

Today marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season here in the U.S. … and there’ll no doubt be some fantastic deals.

But the best deals are always in limited supply, so being in top shape could mean beating fellow shoppers to the punch and grabbing that flat screen T.V. or laptop computer at 80% off …

Here’s a quick Black Friday Kettlebell/Body Weight Circuit Workout to get you mentally and physically prepared for the big day:


Video Recap

Do each exercise for :45 seconds continuously.  Rest for :15, move to the next exercise in the circuit, and repeat the entire rotation three times without rest.

  • Weighted Mall Carry (KB farmer’s walk)
  • Lunge and Grab (lunge with reach)
  • Get Up and Go (burpee + 5 yd sprint)

Enjoy this workout, and talk soon!

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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