3 Tips for Better Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts

I love leading fitness boot camps at my Sacramento, CA kettlebell gym.  I am coming up on ten years of personal training experience, and I truly feel like  I have found my life’s purpose.  Rarely is there a day where I actually feel like I am “going to work”.

I am also dedicated to being a life-long student of my craft – and continue to learn and improve how I do things each and every day.  So, whether you are just getting into training with kettlebells, or you are a fitness boot camp instructor yourself, I thought some of the lessons I have learned along the way in the area of better kettlebell boot camp workouts might be of use to you.

Watch the video first, then read the recap below it:

Video Recap – 3 Tips for Better Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts


1 – Make sure you select your kettlebell exercises wisely

When I first started teaching kettlebell boot camps about five years ago, I didn’t give a lot of thought to matching exercise selection to group ability level.  This was a big mistake.  Some folks would leave feeling like the workout was too easy, and some ended up in way over their heads.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to go in a fitness boot camp setting. For most, exercises like kettlebell swings, goblet squats, and rows are effective and easy to teach. With more advanced students, exercises like windmills and push presses can work well. The important thing is to be attentive to what your class is ready for.

2 – Set a new personal record for each session

Trying to do just a little better each day is an AWESOME way to keep yourself motivated, and continually progressing towards your fitness goals.  It’s also a great way to stick to your workouts for the long term – and to get your campers to stick around for a long while, too.

Pushing yourself and your students harder leads to more efficient and intense workouts. That could be using a heavier kettlebell or adding more movements like extra pushups into your set.

3 – Approach your fitness program from a holistic perspective

YES, you need to provide an amazing experience at your kettlebell boot camp.  But you ALSO need to look at all the other pieces of the “fitness pie” for optimum fitness results …

Promote a well rounded, healthy lifestyle, with proper diet and sufficient recovery in between workouts. Proper rest will give you the energy for a focused workout when the next session comes around!


In conclusion, if you are a boot camp instructor yourself … or, if you enjoy doing boot camp – style kettlebell workouts on your own … use these three tips to take your workouts to the next level!!

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