NEW Kettlebell Challenge Workout (includes video)

I have another free kettlebell challenge workout for you today.

Just change into your workout clothes, grab your KB and give this one a go!

Video Recap

  • 2 Clean and Presses on each side
  • 4 Snatches on each side
  • 12 Goblet Squats
  • 16 Hand to Hand Swings

Repeat this circuit 5 times as fast as possible.


Additional notes

Official KB weight for this challenge is 24k (men)/16k (women).

That being said, do NOT attempt the workout with the official weight unless you have an adequate level of strength and conditioning. Meaning, quite simply, that you must be able to handle the load safely and under control for the duration for the workout. If you’re not ready yet for the official weight, no worries – do the workout with a lighter weight that you know you can handle, but will still challenge you.

Bottom line, use good judgement, and work out safely. Enough said :)


Time standards

Done with good form, non-stop, each round/circuit will take you approx 1:30 to 1:45 to complete. With that in mind, here are some general guidelines for time:

14 mins or less = good
12 mins. or less = great
10 mins. or less = elite

Enjoy the workout – and the rest of your weekend!

Oh – and would love to hear how you do, in the comments section below.



PS – I originally wrote this workout for my kettlebell juggling expert friend Logan Christopher to share with his readers … and he actually ended up taking the challenge himself and catching it on video.  He smoked it 🙂  Check it out:


PPS – Logan and I met in person a couple of months ago at a business conference … we got to talking, and given that Logan is actually in the Santa Cruz area – only a couple of hours drive from where I am (in Sacramento) – we thought it would be great to collaborate on a kettlebell workshop. We could bring our own unique viewpoints and talents to share, for an awesome experience.

So, if you are interested, good news.  The workshop is on, for sure. The date is set, and the sign up page is almost ready.

I will have more details about that workshop coming for you early next week. Stay tuned 🙂  And make sure to sign up for my email newsletter to be the first to find out when it’s open, if you haven’t done that yet.  Just drop your best email address into the box at the upper right of the page to do that now.  Thanks!

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