Hybrid Kettlebell Strength Workout

I have a workout for you today I’ve created in the ‘style’ of my new Hybrid Kettlebell Strength program.

(I actually did this one last night myself – and whoa! I was SHOCKED at how tough it was.)

The important thing to keep in mind, to get the very most out of this one, is to use the heaviest weight you can handle with perfect form. NOT so heavy that you get sloppy. But, you gotta challenge yourself. Otherwise, it won’t be nearly as tough.

Here we go – let’s get right to it:


Hybrid KB Strength Workout


First, do:

Turkish get ups – 5 each side, switching sides each rep

Do one or two TGU’s on each side with no added weight first – ‘naked’, as they say – and increase the weight progressively each set, until you’re really challenging yourself on reps 4 and 5.


Then, on to:

(Pair 1)

Double KB squat to press – 6 to 8
Band pull apart – 12 to 15

Repeat for a total of three sets each.

Go for it on the kb squat to press. Use as much weight as you can handle with perfect form. Try increasing the weight on the second and/or third set.

For the band pulls, hold a resistance band in front of you, with your arms straight and the band at about eye level. Pull the band apart, keeping your arms straight.


(Pair 2)

Kettlebell crush curl – 10 to 12
Feet elevated close grip push up – 8 to 10

Repeat for a total of three sets each.

Grab a heavy kb and ‘crush’ the ball part of the weight, while you do bicep curls with it. Superset this with a foot elevated close grip push up.


Finish with:

High Intensity Interval Cardio (optional)

30 second sprint
30 second recovery
Repeat 10 times

Run or bike are the preferred modalities for the high intensity cardio. The ‘sprint’ portion should be HARD – like 9 out of 10 intensity. The ‘recovery’ portion should be EASY – like 3 out of 10 intensity.


Whew! Give that one a try, and let me know how it goes.

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Have a great Saturday, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

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