#1 Cause of Kettlebell Training Injury?

I am SO sick of people making this training mistake.  It could very well be the #1 cause of kettlebell training injury.

If anyone made this crucial error at the RKC – which, unfortunately, they did 😉 – our chief instructor made us ALL do 50 penalty burpees.

Although the burpees sucked, I think it was a good idea.  Because you can really injure yourself doing this.  And it’s so easily avoided.  Watch the video below to see what it is:

Video Recap

Today I’m going to cover something pretty basic but very important and that is how to pick up a kettlebell, or any kind of weight for that matter, up off the ground. Now this is like if you are shifting the ‘bell off the ground, or if you are moving it around to get ready for your set.

What happens all the time with new people in our boot camps is they go to pick up the ‘bell and while they are focused on using good form during the set, they are moving the kettlebell around and getting all sloppy and being totally careless moving the weight around between sets.

So anytime you pick up the KB, make sure that you have a nice flat back, use good form like you are doing a deadlift.  It might seem like a small thing, but I can tell you from personal experience that the only time I’ve actually tweaked my back with kettlebells was between sets and moving a heavy ‘bell while being careless.

So that’s a basic tip for you, but is really important for long term safety when doing kettlebell training.   


Okay.  Quick, simple, but CRITICAL tip to keep your KB training safe for the long haul.  Train hard, and talk soon –


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