How to Keep Your Body Weight and Kettlebell Workouts Interesting

So I am always preaching about the benefits of sticking with the same workout plan for a period of time, and not changing things up too often.  However, I also am fully aware of the potential resistance to this concept.  That you probably want to change your workouts up frequently and keep them interesting, for the sake of fun and variety if nothing else.

In the video below, I cover the best solution to this problem.  This is the approach we take in my Sacramento, CA boot camp classes, and it works great.  Check it out:

Video Recap

Today I want to talk to you about how to keep your body weight and kettlebell workouts interesting, and also continue making progress.

So with this question, a lot of trainers will tell you that you don’t want to do the same thing over and over because your body will adapt and then you’ll stop making progress. This is true … but on the other hand, you can also go overboard with this. If you change your workout every day, every single time and do something completely different with no rhyme or reason…that’s actually bad. That gives you no chance to, for example, progress on a certain exercise. You can’t see if your kettlebell swings are getting better, or if your technique is improving. You can’t see if you can do more pull ups.  You can’t see if your squat poundage is improving, or whatever you are working on.

So what we actually do in the boot camps at my training studio in Sacramento, to keep our body weight and kettlebell workouts interesting, is we will change the workouts up frequently, but we also have a theme that we work with each day.  For example.  In any given week, we’ll alternate between a strength based day where we do heavier lifting (although we usually still have some sort of cardio element). We’re lifting heavier weights to focus on building strength those days. We’ll alternate that with a conditioning day where we are doing more body weight based movements, we’re keeping the heart rate up the entire time, we’re incorporating running, stuff like that. We’ll alternate back and forth so that, number one, people can train every day. Number two, we have sort of a general theme we’re working with but it still allows you to keep making progress over time, getting better at certain exercises and working towards a specific goal.

I hope that helps you with keeping your body weight and kettlebell workouts interesting, and also continuing to make progress over time!

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