Proper Kettlebell Rack Position – A Quick How-To

It’s hard to get too much practice in the basics of any skill or discipline. Kettlebell training included.

See, what often happens is that people move forward and try to progress in their practice before they’re actually ready.  And out of this, all sorts of problems arise.

Today’s video covers the proper kettlebell rack position – something very basic, but also VERY critical to your ultimate training success.  Check it out – I bet you’ll learn something new, even if you’ve been training with KB’s for a while:


Video Recap

Proper Kettlebell Rack Position – A Quick How-To

Getting into a proper kettlebell rack position is something that a lot of people mess up and don’t really know how to do and get into properly.

This is a foundational kettlebell training skill that you MUST get down to get the most out of your training, and stay injury-free.

So, two ways you can get the kettlebell up to the rack position. Number one, you can do a clean, which we won’t cover in detail in this video. Or, if you are just getting started, what I recommend you do is what we call a “cheat curl”. Grab your ‘bell, and simply cheat curl it up to your shoulder.

Now what we are going to cover is the rack position. What we have here are three checkpoints. My thumb is touching my collarbone, my forearm is straight up and down, and the kettlebell is touching the forearm and the upper arm. My shoulder is nice and square, I have a little tension in the glutes, a little tension in the abs and the ‘bell is close in to the body. It isn’t out in what we call the broken arm position. It’s like I’m blocking a punch and the elbow is closer to the frame. So this is what we need to get a solid base for doing our pressing or doing something like a windmill that’s how we’ll get the ‘bell up there. Even sometimes if we’re going to do snatches that’s where we might start. You can even do Turkish get ups and do presses from different positions in the get up. But it all starts with getting a good rack position.

So hopefully that’s helpful for you in getting into proper kettlebell rack position. Practice that and get a feel for it before you move and start doing cleans or other exercises.


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