Upper Body Kettlebell “Drop Set”

Hey –

Just got done with a great boot camp workout this morning, and finished it with a killer upper body kettlebell “drop set”. I wrote it up for you (and shot a video) – try it out yourself, and let me know how you do:


This one you can do as a stand-alone workout in which case you’re going to want to do about three to four rotations of it. Or you can do it as a finisher at the end of an upper body workout (or even a full body workout) and you’ll do one or two rotations.

It’s a great one for your grip, shoulder strength, for working your kettlebell technique and a bunch of other stuff!

First, get a kettlebell that you can press over your head about eight to ten times. One of the keys to this workout is that you have to pick a proper weight. If you pick a weight that is too low it’ll be too easy but if it is too heavy your form is going to go out the window.

Start with six military presses from the shoulder. Make sure you hit a couple checkpoints. Your forearm is straight up and down and your elbow is right underneath the hand. Do your press and finish with the ‘bell straight up over your head.

Do six of those. On the sixth rep you’re going to press the weight up and lock it overhead. You’re going to do a 25 to 50 yard walk. If you’re outside you can go to a soccer field or to the park. If you’re in the gym you can walk around in a big circle.


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Now without setting the kettlebell down, when you’re finished with your 25-50 yard walk, go down to your rack position. You’re going to do eight rack squats.

Then you’re going to do another 25-50 yard walk in the rack position with the same arm.

When you’re done with that take a staggered stance and go down to a kettlebell row. In this version try to keep your hand off the leg. Do ten rows.

When you’re finished with that do a 25-50 yard one arm farmer’s walk. Set the ‘bell down, shake the arm out…you’ll be pretty smoked by then!

Now do the same thing on the other side.

If you’re doing this as a finisher do one or two rounds. Or you can do it as a stand-alone upper body workout for three to four rounds total.

I hope you like that workout! Try it yourself…I know you’re going to love it 🙂


Train hard, and talk soon –


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