The BEST Kettlebell Exercise for Abs?

No matter WHERE your fitness level is at …

You can always get better abs.

Thing is … traditional ab training … crunches, leg raises, sit ups, etc. … not only is it ineffective … it’s boring.

A fun and unique kettlebell exercise for abs is the kettlebell renegade row. And as an added benefit, when you do this move, not only will you work the heck out of those core muscles, you’ll hit almost every other muscle group in your body at the same time.


The Kettlebell Renegade Row

The way that your abs and your whole core (which includes your glutes, your midsection, your lower back and those muscles in the middle of your back) functions is as a stabilizer.

Say for example, if I’m doing a kettlebell swing or I’m doing a goblet squat, my abs are tightening up to stabilize my trunk during functional movements.

So here is an exercise called the renegade row. This is a unique exercise, you may have see it before, but it is a great total body ab movement.

Grab two kettlebells. The basic version has you practicing shifting your weight back and forth. Shift your full weight to one side while keeping your abs tightened like you are doing a push up.  This is SUPER helpful to get the proper weight distribution of the movement down.

Then you can go ahead and add a row to it.  The move should now be exactly the same, except you’re actually doing a row.

If you want to make it more difficult, you can add a push up between each row.

Also important to note, my abs are bracing really hard to stabilize as I shift my weight and do a row on one side.

This is a total body exercise with a strong emphasis on the abs. There’s the kettlebell renegade row – a great exercise for abs!


Here is a YouTube video on how to do the exercise:


Kettlebell Renegade Row Workout

Now you know how to properly perform the renegade row … here’s a quick workout you can do with it.

Set your timer. Do three Renegade Rows every 45 seconds. Do a push up after each row while you’re on the ‘bells – so you’ll end up doing six push ups and three rows each side.

Your rest is the remaining time in the 45 seconds you have AFTER you’ve done your reps. (The faster you go, the more rest you get.)

Do this a total of five to ten times – depending on fitness level, goal, etc.


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