MY “Off-Day” Recovery/Flexibility/Mobility Routine

I am training for another RKC II cert which is coming in about 6 weeks. Among the things I need to do include a windmill with a snatch size ‘bell and a perfect ass-to-grass pistol squat.

Now I can grind out both of those right now … but I will not lie, my flexibility in the hips and thoracic spine areas leaves something to be desired. I might be able to DO the movements but they aren’t as great looking or honestly as good as they could be. That’s why I am dedicating a full three days per week of workout sessions JUST to recovery, flexibility and mobility. Already after just three sessions of this last week, I could feel the difference in my windmills and pistol squats in yesterday’s training session. Pretty crazy.

Now if you know you need to work on your flexibility and mobility (and chances are you do), you should try this method as well. Here is what one of my recovery/flexibility/mobility days looks like if you want to try and build it into your own routine:


MY “Off-Day” Recovery/Flexibility/Mobility Routine

1 – Foam roll/SMR

I take a lacrosse ball and roll out sore areas in my upper back, standing against the wall. Then I use the foam roll to hit my calves, hamstrings, IT bands, quads, hip flexors, and back.

2 – Joint mobility

I do 10-20 reps each of:

3 way neck
shoulder shrug
arm circles
hip circles
knee circles
ankle circles

3 – Dynamic stretch

I’ll hit specific areas I need work on – inchworms for the hams and calves, sumo squat-to-stands for the hips, walking lunges w a reach for the hip again …

4 – Low intensity walk or bike ride for 20 or 30 mins

I enjoy getting outside and doing this, it enhances recovery, I work the cardio a bit and I can get out in nature and clear my mind. And since I typically train

around noon it’s also a nice break from all the craziness of a typical day.

5 – Static stretch

Here I will again hit areas I need to focus on – like the hips, hamstrings, T-spine, etc. Also I will include a couple of yoga poses here.


If you need to loosen up and enhance your recovery, try working a session or two like this per week into the mix, and let me know how it goes for you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and talk soon –

– FV


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