FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop – the Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is the best exercise for fat loss.

It’s a total body move that burns TONS of calories, engages the entire posterior chain (muscles in the back of the body), and will get you into amazing cardio condition, all at the same time.

But most people get it wrong.

At BEST they don’t get all they could out of the move, and at worst they seriously injure themselves.

Thing is, the technique IS tricky … but if you know the proper progressions, you can make the move safe, and INCREDIBLY productive for fat burning, as it should be.

Got a new video that takes you though a simple progression learn the swing (or refine your technique if you’re already doing the exercise).

And if you like the video, you can find the full FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop videos on sale HERE – along with 33 new KB Challenge Workouts for Fat Loss, and a whole lot more.

Check it out:

As outlined in the video, the swing progression is:

– The KB deadlift – practicing the hip hinge and getting the movement pattern down

– The 1/2 swing, one rep at a time – be sure to “park” the ‘bell between reps, BUT don’t get overextended when you put the KB on the floor

– The full / standard swing – ONLY progress to this AFTER you’ve mastered the previous two drills

This is just a quick example, but the key to safe and effective KB training lies in progressions like this one. That’s why if you’re looking to lose fat with kettlebells and stay injury – free, you should seriously consider investing in my full FVT KB Basics Workshop videos (along with 33 new KB Challenge Workouts)!

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, RKC II

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