“Pre – Thanksgiving” 1036 Calorie CHALLENGE Workout

It can be challenging to completely off-set your extra Thanksgiving calorie intake … but this 1036 calorie “pre-Thanksgiving” workout is about as close as you’re going to get!

This epic training session includes an extended warm up, a body weight / kettlebell – based strength portion, a 5k run, and some core work / static stretching at the end.

So crank out this pre-dinner workout to help you prep for your big Thanksgiving meal.  And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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Thanks, and talk soon –

– Forest


“Pre – Thanksgiving” 1036 Calorie CHALLENGE Workout

1 – Do a 15 minute dynamic warm up – joint mobility, self myofascial release, dynamic stretching (90 calories burned)

2 – Do 35 minutes of high-intensity kettlebell/body weight training – something like the workout below (336 kcals burned):

*Warm up – Do five Turkish Get Ups on each side. Start easy – with no weight at all or a light weight – and work up to a heavier weight with each rep. Switch sides after each rep.

*Perform the first exercise in each pairing. Immediately move to the next exercise (or exercises) and complete the prescribed number of reps. Rest :30 and repeat each sequence a total of three times.

1a: 8 reverse lunges
1b: pull ups – one rep short of failure

2a: 6 kettlebell presses
2b: 20 body weight squats (explosive tempo)

3a: 25 kettlebell swings (your choice)
3b: 15 push ups

3 – Run 5k – 3.2 miles – at a medium (6 mph) pace (504 calories burned)

If you are not into running, you could also do about 35 minutes of medium-to-high intensity biking, swimming, rowing, etc.

4 – Finish with 15 minutes of core work and some static stretching (106 calories burned)

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