How to Fix Kettlebell Lower Back Pain – #1 Tip!

The kettlebell swing is a GREAT exercise for rapid fat loss and total body conditioning.

According to a recent study by ACE – one of the oldest and most respected certifying bodies in the United States – kettlebell training burns at LEAST 20.2 calories per minute. That’s 1200+ calories per hour!!

Pretty hard to beat.

That being said, using proper form when training with kettlebell is KEY. They aren’t terribly hard to learn how to use safely … BUT if you just hop right in with no regard to using solid technique, you might end up getting injured.

One common thing we hear folks complain of is back pain when training with kettlebells. So today I got my #1 tip to help you FIX kettlebell lower back pain.

Swing the kettlebell CLOSER to your body as it comes back. Make sure the handle is ABOVE the level of your knees.

Simple tip, but makes a HUGE difference if you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s what a GOOD swing looks like:

And now here’s what a BAD swing looks like – look at the bottom position:

See the difference?

In the BAD form example, 1) the KB handle is lower to the ground – below my knee level – and my back is also rounded out.

If you are swinging the kettlebell too close to the ground when you’re doing your swings, try this form tweak and see if it helps.

Happy New Year!!

– Forest

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