Extreme KB Cardio Conditioning Workout (includes video)

Got a TOUGH “extreme KB cardio conditioning” workout for you today.

This one is “beat the clock” – style … it’s tough but do-able at the beginning, but as things progress, it gets REALLY tough to keep up.

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes –


Extreme Kettlebell Cardio workout #14

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– 12 push ups
– 20 one arm KB swings (10 R / 10 L)
– 5 windmills/side
– 8 goblet lunges/side

This workout is done “beat-the-clock” style. So on the minute, every minute, you’ll start a set of a given exercise. Your rest period is the length of time between when you FINISH each exercise and the next 60 second interval starts.

For example – do 12 push ups. If it takes you 30 seconds, you get 30 seconds rest before you start the swings on the next 60 sec interval. If it takes you 10 seconds to do them, you get 50 seconds rest. If it takes you 45 seconds to do them, you get 15 seconds rest. Etc.

Do three to five rounds of the sequence total, using this same work-to-rest ratio.

Watch the video for this workout here:


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