The Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes … and How to Fix Them!

Just got back from a great weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area at the NorCal Fitness Summit.

It was a top – notch lineup of presenters, and I also got the chance to meet and connect with folks doing some really amazing things in the fitness industry.

So on the drive home yesterday afternoon, I got to thinking – on pretty much EVERY occasion that I spend the time and money to go to an event, sign up for a coaching program, invest in a home-study course, etc – I almost ALWAYS get many times the return.

For example – this last weekend, I got several HUGE take-aways that will be worth MANY times the cost of my ticket / travel / lodging / etc.

And this is how I always look at it.  Even if I just get ONE big take-away from a course, coaching program, or live event … it’s WELL worth the time / energy / cost of doing it.

So that’s why I think whether you are a beginner kettlebell user, or you are highly experienced, you should check this out:

=> The Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes … and How to Fix Them!

I have one of my best-selling home-study courses – “The Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes … and How to Fix Them!” – on sale this week.

It’s a course that includes both a 13 video series, and a couple of e-manuals.

And I think that no matter WHAT your level of kettlebell training expertise, in this course, you will find at least a few training tips that will take your KB workouts to the next level … and that will be worth many times the cost of the program.

Just a few of the things that I cover (there’s TONS more in the full course):

— Why most people mess up the swing and do it wrong – and how to fix it
— How to avoid whacking and bruising your forearms on the KB clean
— A simple way to instantly boost your KB pressing power 10-20%
— How to do perfect snatches, every time

Get more info and grab your copy at the link below:

=> The Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes … and How to Fix Them!

To sum up – investing in yourself is SO important.  Getting a little better and moving ever-so-slightly towards your goals each and every day, really adds up.  So whatever your goals are, make TODAY the day that you take ACTION, and do what you need to do to get one step closer to them!

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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