February 2016 Kettlebell + Bodyweight Workshop in Costa Mesa California

I am very excited to announce that registration for my Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workshop scheduled for February 13th, 2016 in Costa Mesa California is now officially open!

=> February 2016 Kettlebell + Bodyweight Workshop in Costa Mesa California

I will be teaching this event with my good friend Dennis Heenan.

Dennis and I are both former college athletes, and we share similar training philosophies.

Dennis is a certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. He also runs an online fitness business where he helps thousands of folks around the world on a daily basis to lose fat, build muscle and feel great with bodyweight exercise.

This event is for strength coaches and personal trainers were looking to get into using kettlebells and advanced bodyweight training techniques with their clients …

And it is ALSO for kettlebell and bodyweight enthusiasts who are looking to take their own training understanding to the next level.

You’ll learn all the basic kettlebell moves – the swing, the Turkish get up, the clean and press, the snatch, and more.

You’ll also learn the basis of bodyweight exercise – such as the pistol squat, the one arm push-up, and the muscle up.

And we’ll teach you how to create awesome 30 minute workouts with just your bodyweight and / or bodyweight and kettlebells.

The price is as low as it will be for the first 10 folks to snag their spots … so, click the link below to get all the details on the event and reserve your spot now!

=> Reserve your spot at the February 2016 Kettlebell + Bodyweight Workshop in Costa Mesa California by clicking here

Look forward to seeing you there –

Forest Vance
Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

PS – We’ve also put together a package of bonus materials that are worth the cost of the registration by themselves.

You’ll get 72 Kettlebell Boot Camp workouts, my 30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet, the 101 Fat Burning Snacks manual, the HiitBurn Abs Manual, and MUCH more when you sign up.

Click here to reserve your spot now

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