27 Minute BB / KB / BW Garage Workout

Let’s get real.

There are a lot of fitness programs out there today making some pretty unrealistic promises.

I’m all for short, high intensity, maximum-bang-for-your-buck workouts … but I think it’s gone too far.

“The 7-Minute Workout to Get in Shape Fast” sort of thing is certainly a LOT better than NOTHING … but you and I both know that it’s not enough to truly transform your body.

To get lean, jacked, and into top physical shape, takes HARD WORK! … and a LITTLE bit of time commitment.

BUT, the good news is, it’s probably NOT as much time as you think.

See, back in my pro football days, we would train for HOURS each day. And I was in top shape.

Then, when my career was over, I figured that I needed to train the same way, to get the same results!

Maybe you feel the same way?

Well, I’ve realized over the last 11 years – in personally figuring out how to lose 64 pounds over a 7 month period, and then subsequently becoming a personal trainer, getting a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, and working with thousands of training clients … that hours of training time a day is NOT needed for the weekend warrior type who just wants to lose fat, gain muscle, and feel great.

Really, if we are efficient with our time, we need around 25 minutes to get everything in we need. (Today’s sample workout is actually 27, because it includes an “optional” finisher).

So can you commit to that three or four times per week? If you make it a priority, the answer is YES! Give up a little TV … or playing around on Facebook … or even a little bit of sleep if you have to … and just get it DONE!

Okay, let’s get to the workout now – here’s a sample from my new Basement Badass program that shows you how a training session like this would play out:


Strength Training – Phase 1 – Basement Badass

Workout A

(approx 5 mins for warm up / pre-workout sequence)


1 – Deadlift – Conventional OR Sumo (approx 10 mins):

Weeks 1 + 2 – work up to 2 sets of 8 reps at 70% of your one rep max
Weeks 3 + 4 – work up to 2 sets of 5 reps at 80% of your one rep max
Weeks 5+6 – work up to 2 sets of 3 reps at 90% of your one rep max


2 – Do three rounds of the following circuit as fast as possible (approx 10 mins):

TGU, 1 ea side
3-5 pull ups (any grip) OR 12 inverted rows
jump rope, 30 seconds – work in / up to double unders!


3 – Optional finisher if time (approx 2-3 mins)

Burpees – set your timer for 30 second intervals. Do 5 burpees the first 30 seconds. Do 6 burpees the second. Continue in this fashion until you can no longer do so.


As you can see, getting a complete workout that covers all of your bases takes SOME time and hard work … but probably not AS much as you think. You just need some basic equipment, and a plan that you can stick to, to make 2016 your best year EVER!

And keep in mind – the workout above was just a short sample. If you want the full 12 week program that breaks everything down for you … if you want to get the full set of coaching videos, where I walk you through the step-by-step of every training session … and MUCH more … then check out Basement Badass at the link below:

=> Basement Badass (on sale now)


Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

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