TGU + Chin Up Ladder Workout

Training for the April 23rd Tactical Strength Challenge is in full effect.

Hit 405 x 5 on my final deadlift set the other day, felt great … on target to pull 500+ at the event (it’s about 5 weeks away).

Also working hard on the pull ups and KB snatches.

So … we are training 6x per week total for the event … on days 1 and 3, we focus hard on the big three moves that make up the TSC (deadlift, pull up, snatch) … on days 2 and 4, we are doing more metabolic – conditioning style workouts, along with some recovery work … and on days 5 an 6, we are just doing some light “recovery” cardio work.

Here is the workout from day 2 of the cycle, it’s a great one, thought I would share with ya.

NOTE – I put the weight I personally used for the workout for the TGUs … you obviously don’t have to use that exact weight … the important thing is to bump up a bit on each set (if you can) …

ALSO – I did 10/8/6/4/2 on the chin ups … this is perfect for someone who can do around 12-15 chins in one max set … you could also go 5/4/3/2/1 … or you can also do inverted rows instead (but in that case, I would probably double the reps) … or you could even add weight if 10/8/6/4/2 is too easy.


Turkish Get Up + Chin Up Ladder Workout
from the Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts Mega-Pack

1 TGU R/L – 16k
10 chin ups
1 TGU R/L – 20k
8 chin ups
1 TGU R/L – 24k
6 chins ups
1 TGU R/L – 28k
4 chins ups
1 TGU R/L – 32k
2 chins ups


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– Forest Vance
Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement

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