(video tutorial) The Partner – Assisted “Overspeed” Kettlebell Swing

Once you learn safe and effective technique in the KB swing, you can start to tweak and refine and make the exercise even BETTER – and take your fat loss and conditioning results to the next level!

The drill we’re going to walk you through today falls into this category of “next level” drills. It’s called the partner – assisted “overspeed” kettlebell swing.

(This is a short clip from a KB Workshop we put on and filmed recently at the FVT studio – if you like it and would like the full video footage of our Kettlebell Basics workshop – to learn from and study on your own – you can get it HERE for the next few days.)

As you’ll see in the video below, with this drill, instead of just letting the KB drop passively as it comes down, you’re going to actively accelerate it – with the help of a partner.

When you do this, you’ll get a faster, more powerful swing on the way back up. (I explain a bit more about WHY this works in the video.)

And you’ll eventually be able to use this technique without partner assistance – and as a result, improve your KB swing form.
Watch the video below, grab a partner, and give it a try today:

The Partner – Assisted “Overspeed” Kettlebell Swing

from the FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop video series

To recap, here’s how the drill goes:

— Partner 1 is going to do a couple of swings by themselves

— After the swings, partner 2 will give them some help by giving the ‘bell a little push backwards

— Partner 1 does a few more swings alone and will try to get a stronger swing on the way up.

And a few reminders:

— Be in the front of your partner, not on the side. Pushing the kettlebell from the side will set your partners swing in a different direction.

— Watch your aim when pushing the bell back. You don’t want to force the bell to the ground, that will drive your partner down and stop the swinging motion. Instead you’ll want to guide the bell along the natural swinging path with enough but not too much force.

Once you’ve got the basics of how to do a safe and effective kettlebell swing down pat, the partner – assisted “overspeed” swing is a great drill to help you take your form to the next level.

Work it into your training, watch your form improve … and your fat loss results go through the roof!

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement
Creator, Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts + the FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop Video Series



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