New Guest Article / Video – ‘Instant Performance Hacks’

The concept of “performance hacking” – that is, INSTANTLY improving your strength, flexibility, agility, balance, etc – seems almost unreal until you see it first hand.

I remember how blown away I was when I saw it demonstrated at my first KB cert in 2009.

Pavel took someone up in front of the 100+ person group … had them press the heaviest KB they thought they could … then fixed their breathing, had them focus on activating certain muscles when pressing, and couple of other things … and they set a 15+ pound PR right there in front of the group!

It was a jaw – dropping demonstration.

Now I have little “performance hacking” tricks that I’ve picked up over the years, that I use in training on a daily basis, that make a HUGE difference – you get instant results, and well as faster progress towards your training goals.

So I am excited to share an article and video with you today from a colleague of mine – Dustin Williams – who specializes in this idea of “performance hacking”.

Hope it helps!


Instant Performance Hacks
by Dustin Williams, creator, the Instant Performance Hacks system

Once I started realizing that we have to focus on so much more for each exercise than just the joints and muscles involved, my strength improved instantly.

Not only were my clients moving amounts of weight they never had before, my clients were seeing improvements in agility, flexibility, balance, and strength which was transcending into some amazing changes in the mirror and with daily activities.

The speed of the results was unmatched by anything they had previously attempted to achieve in a 4 to 6-week training program, and yet we were accomplishing this within a single session.

How was that possible?

With a pretty good working knowledge and understanding of how the body really functioned all together, I began to put several of these hacks all together at once.

My conclusion was that these hacks maximized a combination of training variables:

— Our Vision Plays A Huge Part In Movement
— Better Neurological Input = Better Output
— Bone Movement Needs Specific Rhythm
— Spinal Lengthening
— Shoes Affect Neurological Input

By using these variables in strength training, the body was forced to work more intensely, engage more muscles, adapt more quickly.

Check out this video that walks you through the “shoes for performance” hack:

The fact is, most resistance training approaches were lucky to address at best one of these variables …let alone all of them.

As a result, not only were my clients moving better and getting stronger, they were also still doing recreational things that they had given up on.

The reason no one else understood these benefits is that very few people were considering neurology to maximize strength and performance. That’s where Instant Performance Hacks comes in. The results are staggering.

Hope that sheds some light on why using neurology in resistance training has been so misunderstood and why it’s the missing link for so many people getting the results they want and deserve.


Really cool stuff, right?

Dustin is offering 40% off of his full Instant Performance Hacks until tomorrow at Midnight – check it out if it interests you at the link below:

=> Instant Performance Hacks

And have an awesome day! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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