KB / Bodyweight Ladder Challenge (kettlebell “best of” series, part 2)

Today we are on to part 2 of our FVT Kettlebell “Best Of” Series.

I am doing this post / article / video series because … in a recent reviewing / planning session … I realized that we have SO much great kettlebell – related content that’s been created over the years … that the vast majority of our audience hasn’t seen!

So today I have one of my most popular Kettlebell Challenge Workouts to share with you.

This idea came originally from workouts we do in our in-person boot camp classes.

Once per month, we do a kettlebell-based “Challenge” at FVT. These workouts are timed / scored in some way … and they serve as both a fun “test” – so see how fit you are – and also as a way to measure progress over time.

I posted one online and people loved it …

And the Kettlebell Challenge Workout concept was born! 🙂

And this particular one is one of the most popular I have put together.

My friend Travis Stoezel of Train Agressive took the Kettlebell / Bodyweight Ladder Challenge and got it on video … so I thought it would be a good example, to both see how to do the workout, and to see the intensity you’ll want to bring if you want to get the best possible results:

Kettlebell Challenge workouts like the one I shared with you today are a great way to both test your fitness and measure your progress over time.

Add them into your routine on an occasional basis for better long-term results.

Thanks for reading, and be back soon with part 3 of the FVT Kettlebell “Best Of” Series.

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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