Kettlebell GAINZ – Week 1, Workout B

Since the release of Kettlebell GAINZ to the general public a couple of days ago, I have gotten several emails asking for a sample workout from the program.

So, by popular demand, I will share one with you today.

KEEP IN MIND – the workout below is taken out of the full 6 week program, so it’s not going to be nearly as effective, done on its own, as a one-off training session.

I’ve also left out:

– The daily mobility / movement flow routine
– The off – day HIIT workouts
– The dynamic warm up, done before the main workout
– The proper way to progress your workouts over the 6 week program
– Coaching videos explaining how to do each exercise
– Weight recommendations for each exercise, for both men and women

… and a few other things as well … and I am doing this in fairness to all who make the commitment to the full 6 week program …

BUT – this sample workout should give you a great idea of what you’re getting yourself into! 😉


Kettlebell GAINZ – Week 1, Workout B

1 – Turkish get ups

Do one “naked” (no added weight) on each side, and then three more on each side, switching sides each rep.

Keep it moving and rest as little as possible.

2 – KB Presses

Do four ladders up to 3 reps each. The pressing ladders will look like this:

C+P right C+P left clean, 2 presses right clean, 2 presses left clean, 3 presses right clean, 3 presses left

– BETWEEN sets of KB presses – do (5) hanging leg raises (to the level of progression you feel comfortable with shown in the coaching video)

3 – Burpees

Set your timer to go off every 30 seconds.

Do 5 burpees at the start of each interval.

Your rest is however much time is left before the timer goes off again.

Do 8 rounds total.


Ready to get started?

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Have an awesome day, train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certifed Kettlebell Instructor

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