What Size Kettlebell to Use [video]

One of the biggest questions I am getting from folks as we head into our KB STRONG – 6 week intensive is, “What Size Kettlebell to Use?”

I break it down for you in today’s video.

Check it out:

What Size Kettlebell to Use

Hope that helped.

If you are interested in our KB STRONG Challenge, I have also copied details below.

Thanks, keep training hard! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


[details on] KB STRONG – 6 week intensive – starts Monday, August 28th!

– 6 weeks / 42 days
– Focus is getting you STRONGER – so that you can transform your body and reach your training goals!
– You need at least two KBs – probably a 8k or 12k and 16k or 20k for women, 12k or 16k and 20k or 24k for men – as well as access to a pull up bar or suspension trainer
– I am working with you as your coach every step of the way
– We do a Challenge workout at the beginning and end of the program to measure your progress
– You will also take weight, measurements and self pics before and after the Challenge to track your progress
– You get a detailed workout plan to follow at the beginning of each week from me – includes written instructions for every aspect of each workout, as well as links to video descriptions of each exercise
– You get a meal plan to follow throughout the program that tells you exactly how and what to eat, so that you can get the best results
– I will hold you accountable via our private FB group where you will check in after every workout
– You can post videos to the group of you doing any of the KB exercises and I will give you tips to improve your form
– On completion you get 18 weeks of bonus Kettlebell workouts from me to keep the GAINZ going for the rest of 2017 and beyond

Again it is highly interactive and a small group (limited to 20).

Cost is $97.

Apply using the link below:

=> Kettlebell STRONG Challenge

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