Single Arm Kettlebell Swing Form – Shoulder Packing Drill

A really common mistake folks make during kettlebell swings – particularly the single arm version – is letting the shoulder “disconnect” …

… and this “shoulder packing” drill is a great fix!

Grab a partner, lie on your back on the ground, and lock hands (watch the video to learn the best grip to take for this).

Relax your shoulder, and have your partner give a couple gentle tugs. You are going to feel your shoulder “separate” from your body, as in the video.

Then, “lock in” your shoulder. Tense up all the muscles in that area of your body, set your shoulder down and back into perfect posture, and hold it there. Have your partner try to lift you off the ground. If you do this right, your shoulder and upper body will be “connected”, and all will move as one unit, as in the video.

LOCKING IN and PACKING your shoulder – as you just learned how to do in this drill – is exactly what you should be doing during the single arm kettlebell swing.

Incorporate this drill into your program for safer and more effective one arm kettlebell swings!


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