KB / Bodyweight Team Boot Camp Workout

When you are setting up and leading kettlebell workouts in a group, it can be a different dynamic.

It is as much about the workout itself as it is about:

– engaging people
– getting them to work together
– getting them to have fun and get their minds off the workout a bit

THIS is what ultimately gets clients results, gets them telling all of their friends, and gets them coming back for more.

This workout is a great example of that:

KB / Bodyweight Team Boot Camp Workout

– grab a buddy
– all reps done are COMBINED with you and your partner
– you can split reps evenly, or if one person wants to do more and pick up slack for the other one, etc – you can do that too
– ALL reps of each exercise must be completed of each exercise – between you and your partner – for one full round
– get as many reps as you can in 15 minutes

30 KB swings
20 burpees
200 jump rope skips or jumping jacks
40 Bodyweight squats

This workout is a sample from my KB Boot Camp Workouts Mega – Pack.

You will get dozens and dozens of workout ideas like this that you can just plug and play and save tons of time too with designing workouts for your clients (and yourself):

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To your success! –

– Forest

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