[guest post] Kettlebell Workout for Women Over 40

Today’s article and workout is from Sarai White, coach at FVT Worldwide, and who you’ll be working with in Forever Strong – Elite Coaching for the 40+ Woman!


At this point, most of us have seen amazing examples of female athletes absolutely dominating. So it’s apparent that being a woman is not at all limiting, and that we can pretty much do anything we put our minds too.

However, there is one factor that seems to still be stuck in our heads: AGE.

There’s something about hitting the big 4-0, 5-0 and beyond that makes a lot of women feel like they can’t do all the things that younger women can do.

I hear it all the time when working with a new client “ I’m 45, 48, 53, ect, this body can’t do that anymore!”

These are the same women that with consistency and a mindset shift have gone on to crush their strength goals while working with me. They are deadlifting more weight, running faster, and being more athletic than they ever thought possible at “their age”.

The truth is, age is a factor, but not a limiting factor. What it is, is something that needs to be worked in and accounted for in the overall plan on how to hit your goals and beyond.

For instance, how you warm up and mobilize most likely needs a bit more attention. No doubt you have specific and unique ways in which your body moves or has trouble moving, that you should spend more time addressing in your warm-up.

The rate at which you progress moves may need to be shifted. Perhaps taking an extra round to break things down a bit more so that your muscles and joints can get warmed up and ready to move the way you want them to safely.

You also will perform your best if you give attention to your recovery between sessions. Things like stretching, foam rolling, fascia work or even a weekly yoga class.

Here is an example:

Kettlebell Workout for Women Over 40


3 rounds of:

Cardio move that works for your body (jumping jacks, high knees, jump rope) – 50 seconds
Slow spiderman crawl -8/ea side
Down dog to Childs pose -5
Instep taps – 8/ea side


This workout is made up of combo moves. It’s not unusual for them to feel awkward in the beginning even if you are already training with KB’s.

A good way to progress this workout, is to do all of the moves separately to make sure that you have a solid foundation before combining them into these fast paced combos.

It might look something like this:

(round one)

KB snatch – 5/ea
Reverse lunge – 5/ea
Basic 2-hand KB Swing – 10 reps
KB Floor press – 5 then into Turkish sit up 5, repeat on other side
1-arm RDL – 5/ea
1-arm KB Bent over row

(round two)

If you are feeling comfortable with all the moves start to combine them. You can jump right into combining all the moves, or still leave separate any moves that might need a bit more technique refinement:

Kettlebell Snatch to lunge 6/ea
Lateral walking KB Swing 8/ea
KB floor press to Turkish Sit-up 8/ea
KB 1-arm RDL to bent over Row 8/ea

Complete 4 Rounds AFAP (as fast as possible), resting as needed to maintain proper form.


When you are done, you can do the same moves in the warmup, minus the cardio move, as a great post-workout stretch. It would also be beneficial to spend just 3 minutes foam rolling all the major muscle groups.

Watch the video that shows you how to do the workout HERE => https://instagram.com/p/BamnnKpD48x/


Once all of this is dialed in, there is no limit to what your body can do. I have seen this over and over again as I’ve worked with thousands of women in the last 11 years.

Don’t even let anyone, including yourself, tell you that you can’t do something just because of the number of years you’ve lived on this earth. Get after it!

– Sarai White

PS – I’d love to work with you to develop a 100% customized plan for YOU. Details on “Forever Strong – Elite Coaching for the 40+ Woman” at the link below:

Forever Strong – Elite Coaching for the 40+ Woman

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