Hybrid KB Training – Sample Workout

Kettlebells are special and unique.

But we have a lot MORE training tools at our disposal that we can benefit from working with too.

My experience actually is, many people want to learn how to best INCORPORATE kettlebells into their overall routines – as more of an addition and on-going staple, but not necessarily a stand-alone training method – to best reach their goals.

And this is what “Hybrid Kettlebell Training” is all about.

++ Hybrid KB Training – 6 Week Challenge – starts Monday 12.3.18 – details and apply here ++


You see, for the first 10 or 12 years of my training career, my workouts looked about like this:

– Body part split – I’d hit chest and tris Monday, Back and Bis Wednedsay, Legs and Shoulders Friday, or something along those lines
– Most days would start with a big barbell lift for the main bodypart I was training that day – like bench for chest, squat for legs, etc
– I’d also do other “assistance” work on top of that – maybe incline DB bench and flys for chest, and French press + push downs for tris or something
– It was high volume for one or two bodyparts each day, but typically I’d only hit each bodypart once per week

Honestly, this worked great for gaining strength and mass, and it served me well.


My goals started to change as I got closer to 30. I was more interested in leaning down, having FUNCTIONAL muscle, reducing pain in my body, feeling great, and long-term health.

I started searching for other ways to train, and that led me to the kettlebell.

Now my workouts were looking more like:

– Full body split – work ALL bodyparts, three to four days per week
– Most workouts are done using exercise pairs or circuits, rest is kept to a minimum
– Each bodypart might get three to six sets each day – so the overall weekly volume is actually similar, the set up is just a little different

This worked great for my new goals. And I switched to training with kettlebells (and bodyweight) almost exclusively for the next four or five years.


++ Hybrid KB Training – 6 Week Challenge – starts Monday 12.3.18 – details and apply here ++

Now we’ve come full circle.

Three or four years ago, I started thinking more and more about how I might be able to COMBINE all the training methodologies I’ve used and experimented with over the years, to get the best of BOTH worlds.

“Hybrid Kettlebell Training” is the mutated monster of a result.

We start each workout with a big barbell lift.

Then we move on to a kettlebell and bodyweight – based conditioning piece, that focuses on most of the same muscle groups.

So we kind of mix the lifting and bodypart – split concept, with the fast-paced fat loss training that works so great.

Turns out, it also produces staggering results. You can be strong AND muscular AND lean AND functional, all at the same time.

Pretty cool, right?

I’ve been training this way for about the last 3 to 4 years, and this is how I also train most of my private clients that I work with currently.


Here is a sample, to give you a general idea of what a single day might look like:

(total body warm up)

then –


Perform five reps of the barbell bench press. (You could alternatively do a double KB floor press if you do not have access to a barbell). Work up your weight for each of the first two sets; last two sets should be performed at ~75-77% 1RM

*Rest ~ 30 seconds, then:

Perform five pull ups. (You could alternatively do 10 recline rows if you cannot do pull ups yet.)

*Rest ~60-90 seconds; repeat rotation three more times for a total of four rounds.


Perform three rounds of the circuit below, moving quickly from one exercise to the next and resting as little as possible:

Single arm KB row – 10 reps per side
Hindu push up – 10
Barbell curl – 10

(finish with REGENERATE / recovery sequence)

++ Hybrid KB Training – 6 Week Challenge – starts Monday 12.3.18 – details and apply here ++

Now just a little snapshot like this gives you an idea, but doesn’t really do this training method justice.

Because we need to have a on-going, planned out program, where one workout is building on the next, and everything is working towards an end goal.

If you liked this workout and the concepts I covered in today’s article, I want to invite you to join us for our upcoming Hybrid KB Training – 6 Week Challenge. It will give you the plan and structure – not to mention accountability and coaching – you need to make this all work. I have copied details below.

I hope today’s article has got you thinking about your goals, and that it has given you a new perspective on how you might best train for them.

Hybrid Kettlebell Training rocks!

– Forest Vance



We are putting together a Hybrid KB Training – 6 Week Challenge, and I’m looking for a few specific people who want to build muscle during the Holidays.

This will be a six week, small group coaching program where I work with you closely to help you gain strength and lean muscle through the Holiday season.

I’ll give you the exact workout plan to follow, and I’ll give you personal coaching / attention / tips to help you make the fastest progress possible.

Yes – you could grab a free training program from a lot of places on the internet, and follow it on your own for a period of time, and *maybe*, *possibly* get okay results (maybe this is what you’re already doing now?)

But if you want the highest level of coaching, accountability, specificity, and quality – THIS 6 WEEK CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU!


— You must be looking to gain strength and/or muscle mass
— You must be able to commit to training 3x per week for the next 6 weeks
— You must have access to (or can get access to) a basic barbell set up AND/OR a couple of kettlebells (a basic barbell set up is ideal for this program, however, I will give substitute exercises that can be done with a pair of KBs)
— You must be friendly and coachable

Shoot us a message using the link below:

=> http://bit.ly/holidaygainz2018

And we’ll reply with all the program details on how to sign up.

We’ll be choosing people over the next few days.

Look forward to hearing from you!

– Forest Vance

“Hybrid” KB workout for Holiday GAINZ

This time of year can be perfect for focusing on gaining strength.

Take the next 8-12 weeks, and pack on some muscle.

Build your “base”.

Then, you can focus on shredding down and getting lean in the Spring.

This is what I am doing with a few of my private training clients, as well as the general theme how we will be structuring our upcoming “Holiday GAINZ Challenge” (stay tuned, we’ll be accepting applications starting tomorrow):


“Hybrid” KB workout for Holiday GAINZ

(total body warm up)

then –


Perform five reps of the barbell deadlift. (You could alternatively do a double KB sumo deadlift if you d0 not have access to a barbell). Work up your weight for each of the first two sets; last two sets should be performed at ~75-77% 1RM

*Rest ~ 30 seconds, then:

Perform five reps of the double KB Press.

*Rest ~60-90 seconds; repeat rotation three more times for a total of four rounds.


Perform three rounds of the circuit below, moving quickly from one exercise to the next and resting as little as possible:

Split squat with single KB in goblet position – 10 reps per leg
Hamstring fall out – 5 – https://youtu.be/zyftGe4qHTg
Spiderman climb w push up – 10 reps per side

(finish with REGENERATE / recovery sequence)


That’s just a tiny taste of what you’ll experience in the Holiday GAINZ Challenge.

I’ll take you through a full six to weight weeks of progressive training, in the style of the sample workout I shared with you today.

We’ll have in-depth training on technique, too – so that you can learn the basics of how to train this way, safely and effectively.

I’ll even be coaching you personally and holding you accountable.

You’ll be stronger, more powerful, and ready to DOMINATE 2019.

Stay tuned, we’ll be accepting applications starting tomorrow!

Talk soon –

– Forest Vance

20 Minute KB Cardio Crusher

If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling a little bloated and sluggish need of some serious calorie burning after these last two days of feasting! ..

.. here is a simple – but highly effective! – kettlebell workout you can do in about 20 minutes.

It will burn a lot of calories, and fire up your metabolism for the rest of the weekend:


20 Minute KB Cardio Crusher

Do 3 rounds, resting as needed between moves, but going as fast as you can:

– 10 one arm KB swings per side
– 5 KB clean and press per side
– 5 KB snatch per side
– 10 KB goblet squat
– 1 KB get up per side

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Workouts like this are SO AWESOME – because you can do them any time time, any place, with just a single KB and a small amount of space.

(I’m planning on doing just myself that with this one over the weekend!)


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(video) Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workout for Abs

Got a kettlebell and bodyweight abs workout for you today.

You might not think that kettlebells work your abs.

But after you do this cirucit, you might change your mind! 🙂

Here’s what the workout looks like:


Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workout for Abs

Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds between moves; do 3 rounds total:

– Plank with opposite shoulder / hip touch
– One arm kettlebell swing (right or left arm for full 30 seconds)
– Knee-to-elbow mountain climber
– One arm kettlebell swing (other arm)

Watch the video here:


Repeat that sequence three times, and you will be FEELING it in your abs!

It’s a great total – body abs workout, using just a single kettlebell and your own bodyweight.

To your success –

– Forest Vance

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Simple Squat / Hip Mobility Test (video; takes ~30 secs)

Got a simple squat test for you to take today.

This will be a great indicator of your hip mobility, and ability to move well in general.

You can do this RIGHT NOW.

It will only take about 30 seconds.

The results will be super powerful.

So stop what you’re doing, and give it a try:


Simple Squat / Hip Mobility

1 – Start by standing in front of a wall, so that your chest is about 8-12 inches away.

2 – Do five simple body weight only squats.

3 – On the fifth and final rep, hold in the bottom position for a good 10 seconds.

Here’s a quick video on how to do the drill:


How’d it go?

Go through the checklist below, and see how you did. Answer each question yes or no:

Y/N – My weight wanted to shift to my toes as I lowered myself into the squat
Y/N – My body wanted to tip forward and my face felt like it was going to hit the wall
Y/N – My knees caved in
Y/N – My feet rotated out to be able to get the tops of my thighs below parallel
Y/N – I had to get my feet super wide to get the tops of my thighs below parallel
Y/N – I was not able to get the tops of my thighs below parallel

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, you need to work on your squats!

If you don’t, in the short term, you’re decreasing your performance, and making your workouts harder than they need to be.

If you don’t, in the long term, you are likely to get injured.

But the GOOD news is, you can do something to fix these issues!

One of the first places to start, especially for most dudes, is by working on your hip mobility.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a complete program that, with just a few minutes of work per day, will have you moving and performing better in no time.

You can access it at the link below:

=> Unlock Your Hip Flexors

To your success! –

– Forest Vance

6 Minute Bodyweight “AfterBurn”

We did this 6 minute bodyweight finisher at the end of a boot camp at FVT a couple of days ago.

It seems simple, but it’s tough!

You can tack it on to the end of any kettlebell workout for a little extra conditioning work, and to crank up the AFTERBURN effect – you’ll be burning more calories all day long!


6 Minute Bodyweight “AfterBurn”

Do As Many Reps As Possible of each move in 30 seconds. No rest between exercises or rounds; repeat full circuit three times non-stop:

— skater hops
— close push ups
— split squats (30 seconds per side)
— burpees


We are using bodyweight finishers like this one in our 21 Day Bodyweight Shred Challenge – happening NOW.

And, when you sign up for the Holiday GAINZ Challenge – starting the first week of December – the great news is, I am going to give you admission to the current 21 Day Bodyweight Shred Challenge, FREE.

Details and how to sign up at the link below:


To your success! –

– Forest Vance

[new video] Learn the Kettlebell Snatch

Today’s video was filmed at one of my recent Kettlebell Basics workshops.

In it, you will learn the basics of the snatch, in about 3 minutes!

First, watch the first 30 seconds of the video to see what the full movement looks like, to see what we are working towards:

Then, we are going to break the movement down into pieces / steps.

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When you are first learning the exercise, start with a lighter kettlebell, and you can work the weight up from there.

We are going to start with one hand swings first, doing a few reps of those, making sure your form is dialed in there, getting your body warmed up a bit and ready to go.

The next step is what we call a “high” one hand swing. Instead of bringing the ‘bell to waist or chest level, as you would in the standard Russian swing, you bring it to about eye level. And, you are also going to turn your pinky towards the ground slightly at the top of the movement. Watch the video to see exactly what I’m talking about.

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Now we’re going to do the same thing, but we are going to slightly pull the hand in to the body at the top of the move. You need to get the KB closer to your frame so that you can make your move for the snatch.

NOW – last step before we do the full movement! – I want you to clean the KB to the shoulder, and press it over your head. Then we are going to snatch from there. Flip the ‘bell out of the top of the move, pull it towards your body, land in the bottom position, then reverse the motion and snatch the KB to the top – keeping everything in mind we’ve worked on so far.

Once you get the feel for these “top-down” snatches, you can try the move from the standard starting position on the floor.

And viola! You just learned the kettlebell snatch 🙂

To your success!

– Forest Vance

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Your success depends on following a tested, proven workout like it!