Lactic Acid Interval Training – Sample Workout

Are you looking to lose fat?

Do you like intense workouts?

If you answered yes to BOTH of these questions, you will love Lactic Acid Interval Training! (link)

You see, Lactic Acid Interval Training is awesome for fat loss. But it’s also pretty intense, and can be quite painful.

It involves a large caloric expenditure due to shortened rest periods and high work volume. You get a great EPOC (post exercise oxygen oxygen consumption) effect, for increased calorie burn all day. And research even supports the fact that this type of training leads to increased Growth Hormone levels, which increases the use of fat for energy during recovery after intense exercise.

Okay – ready to give this a try yet?!? 🙂


Lactic Acid Interval Training
sample workout from the Funk Roberts HIIT Bundle

The method is quite different from what you’re used to. There is NO number of sets, only target reps. In other words, there is no limit to the number of sets as long as you reach the target reps for each workout.

You need to pick a weight that will allow you to perform 8-9 reps with good form for the range on the first set.

(If you can still reach the target range on the second set, then you need to choose a heavier weight.)

Think about SPEED with this training approach. Perform the concentric part of as fast as you can (with perfect form).

Once you feel that your speed is slowing, you stop. That was your first set. Rest a maximum of 30 sec and resume till your speed slows down then stop. That was your second set. And you keep doing that till you reach the target number of reps.

Let’s try a sample workout – perform 2 rounds of the following:

30 KB goblet squats
(do about 30 seconds of jumping jacks for active recovery, then -)
30 inverted rows
(do about 30 seconds of high knees for active recovery, then -)
30 push ups
(do about 30 seconds of jumping jacks for active recovery, then -)
30 KB figure 8 to hold (15 reps per side)


Get the full Lactic Acid Interval Training program, along with 19 more full programs like it, at the link below:

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This is called the “Metabolic Madness” bundle.

There are 19 total workout plans:

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All of the plans are created by Funk Roberts. Funk is a former professional athlete turned Master Metabolic Trainer who is the creator of the Metabolic Conditioning Coach Certification through NESTA, and has used this training system to help thousands of people around the world transform their body and fitness.

You can use these plans yourself (obviously) for your main workouts, to add-on to your current routine, as “off-day” cardio sessions, etc.

If you are a trainer or coach, you will also get SO many great ideas that you can use with your clients to keep them happy and excited to be coming back for more and telling all their friends.

But get them now at the link below, because this is only up for a limited time:

19 Metabolic / HIIT / Metcon Workout Programs

To your success!

– Forest Vance, MS
Certified Personal Trainer

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