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Every time we finish a 6 week training cycle with my Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle group, 95% of the folks (who attend regularly) end up getting stronger, and setting new personal bests.

It’s SOOO cool to see!

And honestly, it’s not rocket science.

It just takes a *little* more attention to detail than you’re probably used to.

See, the #1 key to actually get stronger on a consistent basis is the principle of progressive overload.

Put simply, muscle grows bigger and stronger in response to a training stimulus.

And to keep making gains, you need to continue making greater demands on it.

If you come in and do the same workout over and over again … using the same weights over and over again … doing the same number and type of push ups, pull ups, or whatever else … you are going to stay the same.

Shocking, I know 🙂

But – this is what the VAST majority of people do!


So what we do is set people up for success.

We set a goal at the BEGINNING of a training cycle for our big lifts (squat, bench, deadlift).

Then, using that goal, we caculate specific weights – based on specific percentages and rep counts, based on their end training goal – for each workout.

(You can get the exact cycle that we use, that works so well, in the new Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle program.)

ALSO – we ALWAYS write the weights down that we use. This way, we know exactly what we used the workout before, how that went, what we need to do today to beat it, etc.

(Please, please, please do not tell me that you “remember” what you did last week, and don’t need to keep a training log. People tell me this over and over and over again when they first start training at FVT. Then we make them start using a training journal. Turns out, it’s REALLY tough to remember exactly what weight you used for all three to four sets of all the major lifts for each of the last twelve weeks 🙂 And you end up getting better and stronger over the long run as a result. KEEP A TRAINING LOG IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING GAINS!!)


In conclusion, if you want to keep getting stronger on a consistent basis, your #1 key is using the principle of progressive overload, and ideally doing it as we outline in today’s article.

Get Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle for all the details on exactly how to set this up for maximum success:

Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle

Here’s to getting swole for summer!

– Forest Vance, MS
Master Kettlebell Trainer
Certified Barbell Instructor

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