7 Day KB Program for Beginners – Starts Tomorrow (sample workout inside)


Interest for our 7 day “Foundations” – Beginner kettlebell program is really strong.

Did you reply back and get more info yet?

Read today’s post, and if you are interested, hit me back and let me know!

Cool thing is, we’ve done dozens of these Challenge / coaching programs since 2014.

But this “Foundations” addition is something new.

See, this is a program specifically for folks who:

— Like the idea of high – intensity training, but haven’t worked out for a while, and want to start slow.
— Want some extra time to focus in and learn proper technique.
— Are coming back from an injury, and want to make sure they start things on the right track.

I would be working with you closely, coaching you through a special one week training plan, helping you get ready for our upcoming 42 Day “Freedom from the Gym” kettlebell / bodyweight Challenge, starting the following week (July 8th).

We’d be working on the foundational KB moves, help you to refine your form, and build your base of fitness.

Let me give you a sample workout, so you can get an idea of what we will be working on:



VIDEOS TO REVIEW (links to these will be included in the program)

Push up
Recline row
Pull up progression


1 push up (beginner) or 1 pull up (advanced)
2 recline rows (beginner) or 2 push ups (advanced)
3 bodyweight squats

followed by

2 push ups (beginner) or 2 pull ups (advanced)
4 recline rows (beginner) or 4 push ups (advanced)
6 bodyweight squats

… continue the pattern (increasing push ups / pull ups by one rep, rows / pull ups by two, and squats by 3) until you get to 7 push ups, 14 rows, and 21 squats. Rest as needed between exercises and sets.


Post in the group when you’ve completed your workout (we do coaching for the program in my private group)

Post any challenges you experienced. Post your form feedback videos so that we can help and get your form right!


As you can see, it’s an amazing jump start to your kettlebell training journey.

And you’ll be working with me personally for a full 7 weeks to become a stronger, leaner, better version of yourself by the end of of summer!

Total cost for the 7 day Foundations program AND the full 42 Day “Freedom from the Gym” Challenge is $99 (our 42 Day Challenges are normally $99 by themselves, so you end up getting the Foundations program and coaching for free)

If you are interested, reply back directly to this message.

I’ll reply back to get a better idea of your specific goals, answer any questions you might have, and we’ll go from there to get ya signed up.

But hurry – we are getting started on this tomorrow!

Thanks for your interest, and hope to talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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