How to Fix KB Lower Back Pain

Another thing we focus on in Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness is making sure you AVOID many of the common mistakes made when training with kettlebells.

For example – a common thing I hear is that people end up getting lower back pain.

Now. If you have specific conditions you’re working with – a back injury, for example – that’s a different story, and is something you should get checked out before starting. Giving recommendations on that sort of thing is beyond my scope of practice and area of expertise.

However – if you are otherwise healthy, lower back pain is NOT something you should be experiencing.

Here are three common KB training mistakes that could be a cause, and how to fix them:

1 – Swinging the KB too close to the ground

Many people swing the Kettlebell too low to the ground as it comes down.

This makes the move much harder and less efficient … and it is also potentially dangerous.

Instead, make sure that the handle of the KB stays above your your knee level as it comes down. This will give you the best leverage and keep the pressure off of your back.

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2 – Using sloppy form to pick up the Kettlebell

As people get set to swing the ‘bell, a SUPER common mistake is that they simply use sloppy form.

People will round their back and give zero thought to engaging the core muscles.

This is a BIG no-no, and very dangerous.

It puts your back in a poor starting position, and it also sets you up for bad technique during the exercise.

Make sure that your back is flat and your abs are engaged when you pick up the KB and get it set for your first rep of a set.

3 – Overextending at the top of the movement

It can be easy to let your hips go too far at the top of a KB swing.

This is hard on the back, and also you lose power when you do it.

Instead, think about finishing the exercise in a “standing plank” position.

At the finish of the exercise, your knees, hips, shoulders and head should all form a perfectly straight line.


To sum up, Kettlebells swings are a fantastic exercise for rapid fat loss and sending your conditioning levels through the roof.

But make any of the mistakes outlined in today’s article when you do them, and you put yourself at risk for lower back pain.

Stick to the recommendations to improve your form, and you will be on your way to SAFE rapid fat loss with Kettlebell swings!

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement
creator, Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness

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