Kettlebell Exercise Video Breakdown: the “Start-Stop Swing”

Are you looking to improve your kettlebell swing form?

Do you have back pain during or after your kettlebell swing workouts?

Do you feel like you could just get more benefit from the exercise if you had better technique?

Try this drill:

Kettlebell Exercise Video Breakdown: the “Start-Stop Swing”

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To perform the start and stop swing, start with a great STANDING set up. This means, BEFORE you reach down to grab the KB, make sure your abs are braced, your shoulders are down and back, and that you’re ready to rock and get going in a nice athletic start position.

Then, the KB is passed back, it swings up to approx chest level, it swings back, and then it’s parked on the ground after EVERY REP.

The benefits:

– You can handle a heavy kettlebell – which means ability to use progressive overload, and make strength gains
– It helps us re-enforce a good start and stop position in the exercise
– We get practice using our lats to start the weight going from a dead stop position on every rep
– It helps us practice staying in great, athletic, safe position during the exercise


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To your continued success! –

– Forest Vance
Certifed Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement

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