Kettlebell “Filthy 50″ Workout 2.0


What are YOUR big fitness goals for 2020?

We listen carefully, and build our new kettlebell training plans – specifically like those in the upcoming Kettlebell “Filthy 50’s″ 28-Day Challenge – around them.

Here are a few recent responses to a survey we did, when we asked about your goals:

“Improve performance (in recreational sports/activities)… while losing fat and maintaining or slightly gaining muscle. Minimizing injuries also.”

“Increase muscle, reduce body fat, increase stamina and flexibility and improve my overall health. I will be (over the age of 50) on my next birthday. My fitness goal is to be magazine cover fit by my birthday next summer.”

“I’ve been working with my drs to get back to good health. I refuse to give up but motivation is a problem. I need a workout buddy or a commitment to someone to get moving.”

So check out this sample workout from our upcoming Kettlebell “Filthy 50’s″ 28-Day Challenge. It is designed to help you with all the goals above:

FOR TIME – you can rest as needed, but make sure to complete all the reps of one exercise before moving on to the next in the sequence:

— 50 squat jumps
— 50 ring rows
— 50 KB swings
— 50 walking lunges – add kettlebell for weight is optional
— 50 hanging leg raises OR lying floor raises
— 50 1 arm KB clean and press (25 per side)
— :50 V-sit hold
— 50 KB goblet squats
— 50 KB snatch (25 per side)
— 50 jumping jacks


This is a unique opportunity to work with me and the FVT Team, and to let us take you by the hand and help you reach your fitness goals in 2020.

Sign up and join us now at the link below.

We start Monday!


– Forest and the FVT Team

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