[guest article] Advanced Heavy KB Swing – Total Body Circuit

SAMPLE ARTICLE / WORKOUT: 75 “metabolic monsters” conditioning circuits

by Nick “the mad scientist of muscle” Nilsson

The Kettlebell Swing is one of the single best overall exercises you can do for yourself. It targets the posterior chain (the muscles that run down the back of the body) very effectively while teaching you how to properly perform a “hip hinge.”

Hip hinging is one of the core movements that generates maximal power in your body in a variety of lifts. If you don’t know how to hinge, you’re missing out on a lot of potential strength.

The heavy kettlebell swing is going to form the “base” of this total-body circuit… and by heavy, I mean using a weight that challenges you to get 8-10 reps or so with.

Exercise #1 (and in between the other exercises) – The Kettlebell Swing – 8-10 reps

I’m going to assume you’re already familiar with the kettlebell swing exercise here…because honestly, if you’re not, then you shouldn’t be jumping into them in a heavy circuit like this anyway.

A couple of key points with the swing…

1. The majority of the power should come from your hips (i.e.glutes and hamstrings). The knees do bend and your quads do contribute somewhat. It’s also very important to note that your arms just serve to attach the weight to your body…like the string on a pendulum. You SNAP the hips forward and that generates the power that transfers to forward momentum of the weight.

2. The first rep won’t be very high…it’s there to help you get the swing started and get a good backswing.

3. Only swing up to about chest/shoulder level. If you can swing higher, you’re not using enough weight. Definitely don’t go overhead…that’s a CrossFit-specific movement that isn’t required here and can be potentially injurious to the shoulders.

4. When you swing heavy weight up in front of you, you will need to lean back a bit to counterbalance the momentum of the load, otherwise it will pull you forward. It’s important to be aware of this the first you try and go heavy on swings.

Exercise #2 – Push-Ups – High Reps

After the first set of swings, immediately hit the floor and crank out as many pushups as you can…ideally 20+.

If you can’t do 20+ push-ups, I would suggest elevating your hands (on a bench or something) rather than doing kneeling push-ups. Kneeling push-ups aren’t wrong to do, but they don’t develop abdominal-bracing strength like an elevated-hand pushup does.

Once you’ve done the push-ups, grab the kettlebell for another 8-10 heavy swings.

Exercise #3 – Chin-Ups – 5+ reps

These are just normal chins…if not you’re strong enough to do at least 10 chins when fresh, I would recommend using Inverted Rows instead (setting a bar to about stomach height, feet on the floor, rowing your body up). Because I’ll tell you right now…it will be a challenge to even hit 5 reps after those swings.

After you’ve completed the chins, it’s another set of swings.

Exercise #4 – Kettlebell Squats

Use the same weight that you were using for swings. The form here is a similar to a deadlift, however we’re actually going to force your body into a more challenging squat position.

Squat down and grip the handle, then pull your butt down towards the floor so you get more flexion in the knees. In this way, you’re forcing more workload onto the quads, turning the exercise into a squat, rather doing more of a deadlift by allowing your hips to stay high.

Bend your elbows to get this increased range

Finish with a final set of 8-10 swings and you’re done!

This is one round through. Rest 3 minutes then repeat for 3-4 more rounds.

This combination works every single major muscle group in your entire body, taking about 3-4 minutes per circuit.

And trust me…you will be GASPING for breath at the end of it. Heavy kettlebell swings take a LOT of breath control and effort and when done in combination with the other exercises, you will get NO break the entire way through.


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And here’s to your continued success! –

– Forest Vance

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