[guest article] 2 Tricks to Spice Up Your Home KB Routine

Today, I have a guest article to share with you from my kettlebell expert friend, Chandler Marchman.

I will say – these are some pretty cool tricks, I have not tried most of them myself yet, but I look forward to doing so.

I know that SO many of you are working out from home right now… so it’s perfect timing.

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Enjoy! –

– Forest


When it comes to the development of a solid and sturdy structure, you must have the right tools of the trade, the knowledge of how to use them, and a blueprint that yields your desired result.

This isn’t just true when it comes to the construction of a building, but your body too!

And regarding building a lean, powerful, and bulletproof body, one of the best and most versatile tools you can own is the kettlebell.

As for the knowledge of how BEST to use them to quickly and efficiently get your desired outcome, here are 5 methods that can INSTANTLY increase both the speed and degree of the results you’re looking for while using them…

(1) Combine Isometric Holds With Any Multi-Joint Movement

This is done while securing one kettlebell in either the farmers, rack, or overhead position on one side, and simultaneously performing a multi-joint movement on the other (i.e. performing an Isometric Rack Clean & Press where one arm holds a kettlebell securely in the rack position while the other side performs a clean & press).
(2) Add bands for accommodate resistance work

If you understand the strength curve as well as the principle of how levers work within your body, you know that any movement you do with a kettlebell (or any weight for that matter) has a more mechanically disadvantaged and advantageous part of its range of motion during any lift.

Adding accommodated resistance in the form of band tension can give you MORE resistance at the more mechanically advantageous parts of these lifts though, and thus place a greater amount of stress over a higher number of muscle fibers.

An example of this is doing a banded goblet squat, a banded deadlift,


If you’re looking for a fun, challenging, and effective way to tie all of these together to help speed up your results in both the fat-loss AND strength/explosiveness department, then you gotta check out my good friend Chandler Marchman’s revolutionary new kettlebell program MetCon-6: HARDCORE:

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Start implementing all of these intensity techniques the way it’s all laid out for you inside MetCon-6: HARDCORE, and you’re going to experience some amazing results!

– Chandler Marchman, creator, MetCon-6: HARDCORE

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