NEW: 28-Day “500” Kettlebell Challenge for Men and Women Over 40

There are seemingly endless at-home workout routines floating around right now.

But what most of these tricks and routines LACK is:

– They are NOT designed with the 40+ crowd., and their unique considerations in mind

– They are more “one-off” – type workouts to try, instead of being actual structured routines

– There is nothing to keep you motivated and accountable to actually DO it

That’s why we came up with the 28-day “500” Kettlebell Challenge.

In this unique new program, I am going to take you by the hand, and help you keep and gain strength, lose weight, and stay fit.

You’re going to do it with special 500-rep kettlebell workouts that will test you physically and mentally, but also go easy on your body and joints, and help you with specifics like:

– Strengthening your bones

– Gain strength

– Gain cardiovascular strength

– Improve skin elasticity

– Improve core strength

– Reduce back pain

…and MUCH more…

And all you need is a couple of kettlebells, and about 20 minutes per day.

Here’s how it works:

1 – On signing up, you’ll be officially “in” for the Challenge. We send you a detailed workout plan each week to follow, so you’ll know exactly what to do every day, no guessing. These are also NEW workouts each day, so that you won’t ever get bored. And each workout builds on the last, so that you can feel and see your progress throughout.

2 – NEW – we’re going to do live walk-thru videos of each workout. This way, you can see us demonstrating all the exercises, breaking down the form, and more.

3 – We will keep you MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE in our private group we have set up. You will post here every time you complete a workout and we’ll cheer you on as well as answer any questions. This is something most programs do NOT address.

4 – NEW – I am going to include my “rapid shred” diet plan – this breaks down exactly what you need to eat to get the results, no matter what is happening out there in the crazy world

5 – NEW – I am going to include my “REGENERATE” program FREE when you purchase, so that you know exactly what to do on off days to recover faster and prevent injury

6 – BONUS – we are going to include bonus interval workouts that you can do on your “off” days, to burn extra fat and get even better results. These can be done running or with any other mode of cardio (we’ll break it down and give you options)

This is the COMPLETE program you need to get results during the quarantine. 

Details and sign up now at the link below – and hurry, we start very soon!


-Forest Vance, former pro football player, master personal trainer, kettlebell expert

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