Week 2, Workout 2 – Advanced “Ab Torture” Workout (free sample)

One body part our PT clients ALWAYS want to work on is abs.

And though you DO work your abs big time with pretty much every kettlebell exercise, without having to hit them directly…

…there is something to be said for getting that good ‘ol burn in the gut.

It really makes you feel like you’re working them.

That can have a powerful physical, and even mentally motivating effect.

This is what the Ab Torture Method is all about.

It’s a simple (NOT easy) ab routine, that takes you just a few minutes each day.

You can do it after your KB workout, or just on your living room floor while you are watching TV.

The workouts ARE painful.

But follow it regularly, and even after just a few days, I think you will start seeing results.

Here is a sample workout from the program:

Week 2, Workout 2 – Advanced “Ab Torture” Workout

  • Side bridge 20 reps with 20 second hold
  • Single arm kettlebell farmer’s walk 3X1 minute
  • Weighted leg raise 75 reps
  • Ab wheel 50 reps
  • Stir the pot 3 X 1 minute

Now if you don’t know exactly what each of these exercises are, or how to do them, don’t worry – there are full video descriptions in the full program, here:

=> Ab Torture Method

And also, you will learn how to sub some / all of the moves for an acceptable alternative, if they require equipment and you don’t have it available.

If you want that good ol’ burn in the abbies, give this workout a try.

And here’s to better abs by summer!

-Forest Vance

PS – Get the full Ab Torture training plan here:

=> the Ab Torture Method

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