5 min “TV Arms” Kettlebell Workout

I had a roommate back in the day who was the strength coach for a D1 college football program.

The day before their televised games, the team would come in and blast their arms, so they’d be looking and feeling their best.

So this is my kettlebell version of your “Friday TV Arms” workout:

5 min “TV Arms” Kettlebell Workout

10 halo + behind-the-head tricep extension

10 crush curls

Superset the exercises, move directly from one move to the next, do three sets of each without putting the KB down.If you like today’s video, be sure to grab the full CORE Kettlebell Beginner’s Guide (FREE for a limited time) at this link: http://bit.ly/corekbbeginner

…and stay tuned for more kettlebell exercise videos like this one!

– Forest Vance

Master Trainer Kettlebell Expert


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