“quarantine 15” [pic]

In these crazy times over the last few months, your daily lifestyle is likely changed. A lot.

And whether that is less activity, added stress levels due to a variety of factors, or other things… “dropping the quarantine 15” seems to be one of the top goals we are hearing from people these days.

So what’s the key to making it happen?

Well, the first thing I can tell you is what WON’T work. And that is doing the same thing you are doing right now.

Sounds obvious, but your current routine got you to where you are at.

As they say, “the future you is an exaggerated version of the current you”

If you are eating a little too much, and not exercising as consistently as you’d like… and your weight is creeping up… well, if you keep that up, it’s going to KEEP creeping up.

So what we need to do is, change course!

Get you on a workout plan. Get your nutrition on track.

And get some ACCOUNTABILITY to make it happen.

Because let’s be honest. If you could do it on your own 100% perfectly, you wouldn’t be reading this message.

There is science behind accountability. It is POWERFUL.

In one study published in 2008 in the August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, they followed almost 1,700 men and women who were either overweight or obese.

The average weight was 212 pounds.

The participants attended 20 weekly group meetings and were encouraged to eat about 500 fewer calories a day, to engage in moderate intensity physical activity 30 minutes or more a day, and to follow the low-fat, low-sodium DASH dietary plan, which emphasizes fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy foods.

Participants were asked to record daily food intake and their exercise minutes.

After 20 weeks, the total average loss was about 13 pounds.

But the biggest predictor of success was an accountability factor – keeping a food record. Those who kept no food records lost about 9 pounds, and those who kept six or more per week lost about 18 pounds. That’s a HUGE difference – it’s twice the weight loss!!

So check it out. I want to help you reach your goals, and help with holding you accountable to do it.

We are looking 3 people to try our Elite Kettlebell Coaching program, starting next week.

If you:

  • Have trouble motivating yourself and staying on track
  • Find that “one-size-fits-all” – type programs don’t work for you
  • Have a specific goal you are training for – an event, certification test, etc
  • Just would like some additonal personalized attention, motivation, and care

This could be the perfect fit.

Here’s how it works:

1 – Click the link below, and fill out the application.
2 – On filling out the application – if approved – you will be taken to a page where you can schedule a 15 minute phone call for us to touch base and see if the program is a great fit for both of us.
3 – If we decide together that it’s a good fit to help you reach your goals, we’ll get payment set up, and I will send you over a new client intake questionnaire.
4 – You’ll fill out the questionnaire in it’s entirety … and when I get it back from you, I will design you a custom workout and nutrition plan.
5 – You’ll check in with me regularly (after every workout at least). I’ll help you tweak your workouts, your meal plan, etc to get to your goals as fast as possible. If you’d like to send me videos of you doing exercises so I can critique your form, I am happy to do that as well. And I’ll continue to work with and motivate you as we go.
6 – Each month I’ll send you a new workout and meal plan based on your goals, your previous month’s progress, etc

The other great thing about this is, it’s MUCH more affordable than hiring a personal trainer at your local gym, and in my (admittingly biased) opinion, much more effective.

Hourly rates for a personal trainer start at $60 on the low end… so working with a PT a couple of times per week, you’re looking at $500++ per month in most parts of the country.

But with this program, I can get you BETTER results, in less time, working from the comfort of your own home / garage / backyard. For just $197.

Again, we HAVE to connect prior to you signing up, to make 100% sure it’s a fit. I will not consider signing you up until we touch base for a call.

But if you’re interested, the first step is to fill out the form linked here: http://bit.ly/1RTPFwT

Then I’ll review your app, and get back with you ASAP!

Thanks –

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Master of Science, Human Movement
Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell
Certified Personal Trainer
Certifed Performance Enhancement Specialist
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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