“Fire-Breather” Next-Level Conditioning Workout

Well, here in California, we just got news that we have to shut down our gym, AGAIN.

Good news is, the weather here is pretty good, so we can move a lot of our training outside, and keep things going.

If gyms are closed where you are too… or, if you just like the idea of training outside… thought it would be good timing to share this:

*Sample from my new “Fire-Breather” conditioning program coming out this week, stay tuned:


“Fire-Breather” Next-Level Conditioning Workout

Set your timer for 60 minutes.

You can walk. You can jog. You can run. Do the intensity that is right for YOU.

Important thing here is that we are trying to keep your heart rate between 130-150 beats per minute. Use a heart rate monitor or manually count using the method below (see full course for explaination, stay tuned).

Another thing that you can try, that I have personally had GREAT success with, is the “run-walk-run” method. (Full course will have link to PDF on how to do this properly.)

THEN – every 5 minutes, you are doing to stop and do:

  • :30 high plank hold (on minute 5, 20, 35, 50)
  • 10 burpees (on minute 10, 25, 40, 55)
  • 15 bodyweight squats (on minute 15, 30, 45)


Imagine taking your cardio conditioning to the next level, and burning a TON of extra calories in the process.

Imagine a complete 5-week program to help you do this, that you can BOLT ON to your existing strength routine.

That’s EXACTLY what the “Fire-Breather” program is all about.

Stay tuned, it’s coming out later this week!

To your continued success

-Forest Vance

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