concurrent training

Even thought I KNOW the science says the physiological changes caused by resistance training (like increases in strength, but decreases in mitochondrial density) are in some ways in direct opposition to those caused by aerobic training (like increases in oxidative capacity, but decrease in max power output) …

…I still really LIKE to BOTH “train like an athlete”, feel like I’m in good aerobic shape…

…AND lift some heavy weights too.

I want to be lean AND strong AND jacked, all at the same time!!

Maybe you feel the same way?

So what do we do?!?

Well, actually an analysis of 21 studies on concurrent training conducted in 2012 by Wilson et al. revealed some very interesting data on this subject.

I’ll link it up below, but in a nutshell, it said that concurrent training (doing both strength and cardio/conditioning work in the same training cycle) only creates significant adaptation interference under certain conditions.

And that if you set it up right, you CAN both get strong AND improve cardio condition, all at the same time.

Couple of key points:

  • Running (over lower-impact activities like cycling or rowing) seems to have the most impact on reducing strength and hypertrophy in the lower body when done concurrently with strength training. (Not that it can’t be done at all, but mixing in other aerobic modes of work can be a good idea.)
  • Upper body gains were NOT impacted by concurrent training
  • VOLUME has a lot to do with interference – so if you’re looking to gain muscle and strength, you’ll likely want to limit your cardio to around three or four days per week for around 30 minutes or so, most of the time

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-Forest Vance


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