30 day flexibility mobility challenge

Hey! –

We are putting on a 30 day flexibility/mobility challenge starting the week of September 28.

Originally we were just going to open this up for our clients here locally in the Sacramento, CA area..

But since we’re doing the whole thing 100% online.. and since we’ve gotten quite a bit of interest from people outside of the area already since we announced it yesterday..

We’re going to open it up for anyone who wants to participate!

Here are the details:

Every day for 30 days starting Monday, September 28 we get on a live Zoom call and take you through a 10 to 15 minute flexibility/mobility session.

Some of these will be a little more energetic workout of stretching and getting a light workout at the same time..

Some of these will be slower with more stretching and more of a recovery focus..

And some of them will be with a focus on building your core strength!

You can hop on and do any of the workouts live in real time with us..

And we will also send out a recording of all the workouts too, so you can do them on your own schedule if that works better.

As a free bonus for anyone who signs up you get a copy of my REGENERATE 2.0 program so you can actually start on that right away (that’s six different 10 to 15 minute flexibility sequence that are similar to what we are doing in the full program)

And – while supplies last – I’m also going to include a physical copy of my CORE Kettlebell Challenge book AND a FVT T-shirt, free with your sign up!

(If you’re here local in Sacramento and can pick those up ,there’s obviously no shipping, but if we have to ship anywhere within the continental US, that will just be an extra $10 charge to ship those items.)

Cost for the full challenge is $99.

If you’re interested fill out the form at the link below. We will get back to you ASAP to make sure it’s a fit, and go from there: https://forestvance.wufoo.com/forms/z1bgxyjt14a0ucx/


Forest in the FVT team

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