Kettlebell “Versus” Series: Brad Pitt vs Vin Diesel (part 1)

Who would you rather look and/or perform like – Brad Pitt, or Vin Diesel?

See, if you want “functional fitness” and lean muscle, you want to model your training after someone like Brad Pitt. (We’ll talk about his training approach in today’s article, and then dial in on Vin Diesel next time.)

When Fight Club first hit the big screen in 1999, people were blown away by Brad Pitt’s incredible body. He was in amazing shape for the role:

From the internet sources I’ve seen, the main things he focused on were:

  • Doing fast-paced weight training workouts, lifting relatively heavy weights, for higer rep ranges
  • Pushing himself on the cardio, hitting things like HIIT frequently, and working at a high percentage of his max heart rate
  • Eating extremely clean

Very similar to the methods we use in our “Filthy 50” 28-day KB Challenge!

Doing workouts like this:

“Filthy 50” Strength Chipper – You will perform all the reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. Rest as needed to maintain proper form. Record your time to track your progress. Post your time in the group as well!

1 – 1-Arm KB Rack Squat – 50 (25/ea side)
2 – 1-Arm KB Push Press – 50 (25/ea side)
3 – 1-Arm KB Swing – 50 (25/ea side)
4 – Bodyweight Walking Lunges – 50 (25/ea side)
5 – Side Plank with Hip Dip – 50 (25/ea side)

PLUS hitting the HIIT cardio (which we include with the challenge) AND dialing in your diet (you get that too!) – THAT’s how you do it if you want to look and perform like Brad.

Learn more about my full Filthy 50 KB workout plan here:


And stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow… we’ll talk about how if you want to get straight up JACKED… if you want brute strength and raw power and an intimidating presence to go with it… how you can train like Vin Diesel.

-Forest Vance, Kettlebell Expert,

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