“Kettlebell Hacks” [new video course, free this week]

Our new “Kettlebell Hacks” video course is LIVE, and it’s 100% free this week at the link below:

-> “Kettlebell Hacks” [new video course, free this week]

This is a short (but POWERFUL!) home-study course where you’ll discover three specific drills you can use to rapidly master the swing, clean, and snatch.

Inside, you’ll learn:

1 – The “Towel Swing” – Use this technique to fix one of the MOST common kettlebell swing mistakes, instantly

2 – The “Arm Pin” – Avoid smashing your arm and bruising your wrists with this sneaky trick

3 – Best of all, you’ll learn a simple four-exercise progression you can use to finally master the kettlebell snatch

Click the link and enter your best email below for instant access – it’s free:

-> “Kettlebell Hacks” [new video course, free this week]

– Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Training Specialist

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