[new video] 5 min Kettlebell Turkish Get Up + Burpee Finisher

I love to finish my workouts with one to ten minute kettlebell “finishers”. These consist of a few moves done at high intensity, incorporating both cardio and resistance exercise, to full exhaust the body.

I like to think of it as a final chance to push my limits and maximize fat loss and / or muscle growth for the day!

Here is one of my favorites:


5 Min Turkish Get Up + Burpee Kettlebell

Prescribed weight = 24k men / 16k women

Set your timer for five minutes.

Start doing Turkish Get Ups. Switch sides after every rep.

Every minute, on the minute, stop and do three burpees.


I use finishers like these – customized to each client’s individual goals / needs / fitness level, of course – with most, if not all, of my KB Fit Over 40 – Personalized Coaching clients. If you are interested in getting a program designed SPECIFICALLY for you, so that you can reach your kettlebell goals as fast and safely as possible, CLICK HERE.

Train hard, talk soon –

-Forest Vance

Kettlebell Specialist

Over 40 Training Expert


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