How to see your abs sooner (progress pic)

Do you want to be able to see your abs sooner?

If you are trying to get a six-pack, or just a lean and flat midsection, here is a simple trick:

Build up your abs.

See, most people focus on their diet. And I 100% agree that nutrition IS very, very key when it comes to losing the gut.

However, building up the core muscles will definitely help you get that flat stomach and/or see your abs SOONER.

A top fitness model put it this way:

“I focused on building up my abs. One of the best parts about building up your ab muscles is that they are visible through a higher body fat percentage. If you’re a guy and have strong abs, you’ll see them at 12-13% body fat; if you’re a woman with strong abs, you can see them at 14-16% body fat.

If your abs are small and weak and you’re a woman, you won’t be able to see them until your body fat is below 12%. A guy with weak ab muscles can’t hope to see his abs until his body fat is at 10% or below.”

If you want to get a six-pack sooner (so you can end your diet weeks or even months ahead of schedule), then use this to get strong, eye-popping abs:

-> the “Ab Torture” Challenge

-Forest Vance

PS – When I “retired” from pro football in 2005, I lost about 70 pounds. Since then, I’ve hovered around the same weight (240-250). I’ve always been a big, strong dude, but never very lean. So at the beginning of this year, I decided to make fat loss a focus, and to see if I could improve the body comp!

Check out my latest progress pic below. (YES – these two particular shots are a few years apart, lol – but this gives you an idea of where I was back in my football days vs now.) Pic on the left is around 310, probably low-to-mid 20’s bodyfat range, pic on right right is around 235, probably around 12-13% bodyfat.

Main reason I’m sharing this is because I’ve used some of the techniques in this “Ab Torture” Challenge program, and I think they have worked, particularly to flatten and tone the midsection!

-> Check out the “Ab Torture” Challenge here

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