Ruck PT Workout for KB “off” days

“PT” simply stands for “physical training” – typically formation runs, calisthenics, and conditioning exercises.

Here is a “Ruck PT” workout we used in a 12-week Obstacle Course Race prep training plan I put together some time back. It’s also a perfect addition to your on-going regular KB training plan if you just want to add some extra cardio training into the mix:


Ruck PT Workout

Ruck 3 miles. Stop every 1/4 mile and rotate through the exercises below:

  • 10 push ups w/ ruck on your back (at 1/4 mile; 1 1/4 mile; 2 1/4 mile marks)
  • 5 “weighted burpees” (ruck is on the ground and goes up over your head at the top of each rep) (at 1/2 mile; 1 1/2 mile; 2 1/2 mile marks)
  • 15 squats w/ ruck on your back (at 3/4 mile; 1 3/4 mile; 2 3/4 mile marks)
  • 8 lunges per leg holding ruck in front of the body (at 1 mile; 2 mile; 3 mile marks)


I do a workout like this about once per week, and that free backpack has been my go-to rucksack for the last few months – highly recommended:

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To your success!

-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Training Specialist

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