QUICK TIP: How to Fix KB Lower Back Pain

Are you getting lower back pain from kettlebell training? If so, check out today’s QUICK TIP!

The first thing to keep in mind is that kettlebell training, specifically the swing, is NOT an exercise for the lower back. If you are doing swings properly, you should be feeling them in the muscles of of the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, calves, erector spinae, lats, rear shoulders), but not the muscles of the lower back (multifidus, longissimus, spinalis, and quadratus lumborum). This means that if you are feeling kettlebell swings in your lower back, and especially if you are getting back pain during or after a workout, you are probably doing them wrong.

There are several possible contributors to lower back pain during kettlebell training, but one of the biggest mistakes I see people make that ends up causing this issue is swinging the KB too close to the ground.

The PROPER way to do the move is to keep the kettlebell close to the body as it swings down, and to keep the handle above the knees (or even closer) on the downswing. When people let the KB swing lower than this on the downswing, it makes the move both less efficient, and harder on the lower back.

Check out this video for a quick demo and a few additional tips:

Remember: kettlebell swings are NOT a lower back exercise. If you are getting pain during or after your kettlebell workouts, try the tips in today’s article and video!

To your continued success –

-Forest Vance – Master of Science, Human Movement – Kettlebell Expert – Over 40 Training Specalist

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