“300” – 28 Day KB Challenge – *BENCHMARK WORKOUT*

We have an ALL NEW version of my “300” Kettlebell Challenge program dropping later this week!

You’ll have a BRAND NEW way to unleash your inner warrior and build a Spartan body, in about 20 minutes per day with a single kettlebell.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out this sample workout from the program.

– Forest and the FVT Team


“300” – 28 Day KB Challenge – *BENCHMARK WORKOUT*

Note: Be sure to record the weight used for each move and the total time it takes you to complete this benchmark workout with proper form. You will retest at the end of this 28-day challenge:

1 – KB Snatch to Rack Squat – 10 each side (Women:12k+,Men: 20k+)
2 – Push-ups – 20
3 – Rear Lunge to 1-arm Press – 10 each side (Women:12k+,Men: 20k+)
4 – Half Burpee to Gorilla Row – 10 each side (Women:16k+,Men: 24k+)
5 – KB Plank Drag – 10 each side (Women:12k+,Men: 20k+)

Complete 5 rounds for time

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