YGIG – Valentine’s Kettlebell Partner WOD

You are going to love putting your partner to the test with this YGIG – Valentine’s Kettlebell Partner WOD! 

Workouts like this are also a great way to bond with that special someone in your life.


YGIG – Valentine’s Kettlebell Partner WOD

Person one completes all reps of exercise one while person two rests. 

Then, person two complete all reps of exercise one while person one rests.

Repeat exercises two and three in the same fashion / style.

Go back to exercise one and get as many rounds as you can of the sequence in 15 minutes:

– 3 one arm KB swings (beginner) OR 3 KB snatches per side (intermediate / advanced)
– 6 burpees (beginner) OR 6 side-to-side burpees (intermediate / advanced)
– 9 bodyweight squats OR 9 KB goblet squats (intermediate / advanced) 


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– Forest and the Team at KettlebellBasics.net

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